Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More on the birthday hat...

Here is R playing on the playground at school. Her teachers email a short update with photos about once a week. I think she might be in a blue coat gang. She's been playing with the boys more often this semester.

But, you can see her birthday hat in this photo. The pompom fell off the first time she wore it, but she likes it better without. Even though she said it was itchy at first, she wears it all the time now and often tells me how much she likes it.

I read an article on TECHknitting about hand knit items:
Often, however, hand-knitted objects add another dimension, a process dimension. See your kid standing near the door in hand-made socks, ready to pull on shoes and head out? Those socks are loving that child--the kid is wearing a hug on each foot, and the knitter and the kid both know it. This is process and product combined: knitted object as connection between people.

It's so true. I fondly remember making that hat - using yarn she picked out, learning new techniques, wondering how she could be turning 5 - and I feel like whatever happens on the playground on a given day she'll have a semi-itchy reminder that her Mama loves her.

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Jo said...

I love this post. What a nice way to think about knitting. Gives me inspiration to do more knitting for my kiddos instead of knitting for other people. And btw, I think her hat looks great.