Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini soda breads

R wanted to make a special treat for St. Patrick's day today. Several of my friends make Irish Soda bread in March, and I like it, but have never tried to bake it myself - I've heard it is difficult to avoid making it dry and heavy.

We did a little web searching and found a great recipe for soda bread scones at Smitten Kitten. Apparently it is "American-style" Irish soda bread, but having little soda bread experience, I wouldn't know the difference.They are delicious - crunch on the outside, fluffy and soft inside. I liked the shorter cooking time compared to one large loaf and the mini-loaves make it easier to eat. She recommends splitting each between two people and we agreed with that. We left out the raisins and caraway that she recommends. I could see these being great with jam at breakfast or with some fresh strawberries for a treat.

Once the scones were in the oven, J continued to cook with the crumbs and flour left behind. He's a cowboy chef in training!

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