Friday, February 11, 2011

Handmade gifts - part 2

My list of gifts I wanted to knit just kept growing and growing this year.  I was trimming it continually, yet adding new things at the same time. 

I will include the Ravelry link for each of my projects.  If you are curious about yarn type, needle sizes, and other details you can find that information there. 

I had such a great time knitting this flap hat for J. (Free Ravelry pattern: Cozy Canuck Chullo)  I had not tried Fair Isle before and now I can't wait to try it again.  The first hat I made was too small, so I made another in a larger size and we gave the smaller hat to a baby friend.  (Ravelry: flap hat)

 R really likes the yarn I used to make her Wallaby and had requested matching mittens.  I held the yarn double and put a little heart on each.  I thought they might not keep her hands warm enough, but she has worn them outside a few times and they passed the test.  (Ravelry: mitts)

 I also knit these cute butterflies (free pattern) and attached them to ponytail holders for R.  I used the same yarn as in her Kina sweater (shown in the photo above.) (Ravelry: butterflies)

I wanted to make C a little baby sweater.  This pattern is called Little Boy Blue.  It's cozy and warm, but I don't like how much the collar and bottom edge roll.  I had intended to put I-cord along the bottom, but at this point probably won't.  I also knit her that squishy ball toy.  I had planned for a whole group of them, but ran out of time. I am almost finished with a second, slightly larger ball. (Ravelry: sweater, ball)

I decided to make R's teacher and student teacher each a scarf. The goal was to make both over our Thanksgiving vacation and I was successful.  I really like both of these patterns for quick gifts.

For the student teacher I knit a Breckenridge cowl.  This yarn was in my stash and worked well with the pattern - the cables show up much better in person. The dragonfly buttons were a last minute find and really went well with the yarn. (Ravelry: cowl)

And here is the Super-Fast, Ultra-Cozy scarf for R's teacher.  This is another free pattern and I know it is a popular pattern for gifts because it is so quick to knit.  I used Lion's Brand Homespun for this one and it turned out to be such a soft, squishy, warm scarf.  The pattern worked well with the unique texture of the yarn.  (Ravelry: SFUC scarf)

I found some gorgeous, soft alpaca yarn and wanted to make a scarf and hat for my mom. I think that this yarn was one of my favorites to knit with.  Each stitch was a new color and it felt very luxurious and dense.  The Diagonal Rib pattern (free) gave it a little texture.  I carefully immersed it in water before blocking it and it became much more open and limp.  I would have made it longer if I had known and I'm disappointed by how the pattern is no longer as striking.  It was still a cozy scarf, even with the negative surprises.  (Ravelry: alpaca scarf

I went with the free Snappy Hat pattern for a matching hat and it was off to a nice start.  Sadly, I ran out of yarn with 7 rows to go!  I need to find a new plan for this yarn, but I just adored the hat it was becoming. These photos also show how bulky the scarf would have looked before washing.  I have no idea what this yarn will become, but I need to find a good use for it!   (Ravelry: sad hat)

My latest project was for a new baby friend of ours who was born in early January.  It is the same free pattern I used for C's Welcome Home hat and booties.  I used the same supersoft yarn, but this time I knit it to the pattern specified size.  Baby gifts are so fun to knit!  (Ravelry: booties, baby hat)

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