Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, January sure went by in a flash. I was kept busy with a variety of things, but I now feel like I'm getting my 2011 footing.

I had made a goal to keep track of where my time went for a week or two. I was too busy to even get that started! However I have been trying to use my time consciously, focusing more, multi-tasking less.

On the right you will see a list of crafting and food blogs that I read regularly. The blog title moves to the top of the list if it has an update.

I've mentioned How About Orange several times, including how it led me to the Calendar of the Month club. I have a little groundhog keeping me company this month. The RealSimple blog has a lot of random posts that are simliar to things found in the magazine.

I have found recipes that are now in permanent rotation on Orangette, Smitten Kitchen, and Moderate Oven. Moderate Oven is written by a friend of mine. I always wished I could sit in her kitchen and figure out how she put such good food together. Now I can! The Artisan Bread blog is connected with the awesome Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book. I plan to post more about that soon.

There are quite a few knitting sites in my blog reader. Yarn Harlot, Mason-Dixon knitting, and Spud & Chloe are written by published knitting-book authors. Of course they often mention knitting related things, but I find Yarn Harlot really funny, Mason-Dixon knitting often mentions all sorts of non-crafty/interesting topics, and Spud & Chloe hosts knit-a-longs and gives lots of technique advice.

French Press Knits is written by a self-published pattern designer. I really like her designs and have knit some myself. TECHknitting has awesome tips and tricks if you are someone who knits.

Nissa Nicole is my talented photographer sister-in-law. I do not personally know the ladies who write Our Yellow House and SpiderWoman Knits, but they live in upstate NY and have great craft/household/gardening ideas. Ana White designs free furniture patterns. We found the plan for our picnic table on her site and I wish we had the tools and time to build more!

As always, I have a few posts in my head that I hope to get up here soon... but until then I hope you check out some of my favorites! If you are still checking in here, what are some blogs you read for inspiration?

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Erica said...

It's not a crafting blog, but I always find Penelope Trunk ( interesting.