Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kool-aid dyed play scarves

The kids still enjoy playing with the scarves I dyed for them a few years ago. They make great costume accessories and show up in a lot of imaginary play situations.

I am including scarves in a couple gifts this year. Using Kool-aid to color inexpensive silk scarves is an easy and fun project. I've written about coloring scarves before and I followed the same instructions this time. There is quite a lot of information out on the web if you are interested in learning more about using kool-aid to dye things.

I purchase 8mm white Habotai scarves from the Dharma trading company. This year I ordered my scarves the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and they were waiting in my mailbox when we returned home on Sunday!

1) Soak the scarf in a bowl of hot water with a little vinegar for about 30 minutes.

2) Combine 2 cups cold water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and kool-aid powder. I find two packets to be plenty for good color. Use a fork to submerge the scarf and loosen any areas that are bunched up.
3) Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave on high for 3 minutes.
4) After microwaving, let the bowl rest for 3 minutes.
5) Stir with the fork (being very careful when removing the plastic), cover again, and follow the heating and resting cycle twice more.

6) After 3 cycles of heating and cooling let the bowl rest until cool enough to touch. Drain the water and hang the scarf to dry.
7) Wash the scarf in cold water (I add a tiny amount of detergent), hang to dry again, and iron on low.
This isn't a very good project for the kids to help with, since the bowls do get very hot, but they enjoy watching the plastic wrap balloon up in the microwave and it is like magic to see how the water starts off a bright color and ends up clear.

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