Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent 2010, Week 2

We're enjoying our second week of advent here. Saturday we did pick out a Christmas tree. Unfortunately there is not a tree farm near us and we had to get a pre-cut tree in town here. It's already really dropping needles!

Here are our week 2 activities:
2nd Sunday in Advent: We decorated the tree together and enjoyed talking about all the ornament history. At supper time we had another quick little advent ceremony and lit our 2nd candle.

Monday: St. Nick visited in the night and left treats for the big kids. He left hot chocolate for each and that has been a big hit with breakfast this week. Also, the kids helped me bake candy cane cookies after school.

Tuesday: R made cards for her teachers. She put a lot of thought into each card, so this project took a while! J played around with the craft supplies making his own picture.

Wednesday: The kids used stamps, dot paint, and markers to make some wrapping paper. This did not go over as well this year as last year and I think it was because I was rushing them a bit. We had a lot to get done on Wed. so I left them crafting while trying to do other things. They fizzled pretty fast, so I might bring this stuff out next week and give them some help with it.

Thursday: The kids "helped" make thumbprint cookies. Or, they each rolled one cookie into a ball before R said, "This doesn't really seem like fun." They did make their way back into the kitchen as I was frosting the first batch.

Friday: Tomorrow is J's 3rd birthday, so I won't have a tree activity for the kids and we'll focus on his birthday instead.

Saturday: We're having a small birthday party for J.

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