Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kool-aid dyed silk play scarves

These play scarves are a fun and easy project and my children have found so many uses for the scarves.

This post was originally published on my family blog, but I copied it here because I think it will be useful.

Rainbow Play Scarves

The kids received Rainbow Play Scarves from Santa this year.
(Kool-aid dye flavors, left to right: blue ice lemonade, lemon-lime, grape, orange, cherry, pink lemonade, and a plain white)

I've always noticed them in toy catalogs, but at $10 each, the price was too steep.

Instead, I read about dying your own scarves at a much lower cost.

The directions I followed were found here. Our scarves were ordered from Dharma Trading Company (habotai 8mm scarves, in two different sizes, 30x30 and 35x35). Dharma gave me a free scarf with my first order as well! The price of these scarves was either $2.80 or $3.75, depending on size. Add a dollar per scarf for the kool-aid used to dye them and you are well under the cost of those you can buy from a toy store.

The kids and I really have been enjoying the scarves - they are so soft and bright. They flutter and are fun to dance with, as well as being useful for dress up or doll blankets. We covered the play tent with them in a previous blog post.

The only negative to this method was that the scarves came out with kind of a tie-dyed look with darker color in some places than others. But, if that doesn't bother you, its an affordable craft project!

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