Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Needle roll

I put together two knitting needle rolls this spring. The fun thing about making two was that I could make some extra modifications to the 2nd so that it was even closer to what I had intended.

The fabric from this project is from the Crafty Planet. I love their selection and browsing for a while always puts me in a creative mood.

I used these tutorials from Multicrafty and Alexandra's Knits as a jumping off point and then modified things a little as I went.

I found a really helpful guide to welt pockets at Fashion Incubator and it was fun to try getting that to work.

With some fabric scraps I had sitting around I also put together this small, travel case for just a few pairs of circular needles.

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Jo said...

Can I just say that all 3 look fabulous! And the fabric choices are something I would have picked myself :) You rock! I'm telling you, once baby is here and you're all settled, you need to be selling things on Etsy!