Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sushi! - attempt number 1

I've been craving sushi lately, but being 34 weeks pregnant, raw fish isn't really something I want to eat right now. Plus, my small town in SD doesn't have a wealth of exotic foods.

After wanting to try making some sushi rolls at home for years, I finally pulled all the ingredients together.
I mixed up some sushi rice by adding apple cider vinegar and sugar to plain white rice while it was still hot. My rolls just have carrot, cucumber, and avocado in them. I purchased the nori (seaweed wrappers) and green wasabi paste at a local grocery store and my parents were nice enough to import the pickled ginger from MN because I couldn't find it in my local store.

They aren't very pretty, but they tasted good and were pretty close to the unique sushi roll flavor I was missing. Next time I'd add a little more vinegar (maybe I'll switch to rice vinegar too) and sugar to the rice and I need practice getting pretty rolls. Later I tried making a couple rolls with just one of the vegetable choices and those smaller rolls looked much nicer.

But making sushi rolls is kind of a time-intensive process and it's difficult to have too much variety in the fillings when I'm the only one interested in eating them. I don't want my wasabi or ginger to go bad, so I'm sure I'll try it again though!

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