Friday, May 21, 2010

Big kids picnic table!

A few months ago I came across the Knock-Off Wood website. It was really fun to browse her patterns for furniture that could be built at home yet still have the look of designer furniture. I had my eye on patterns for bookshelves, a coat cubby system for our entryway, or an entertainment system. All things we could use, yet I was intimidated.

Then Ana posted the plans for her bigger kid picnic table and it was the perfect mix of a good first project and something I was really motivated to have. I could picture how much fun the kids and I would have this summer on the deck with a table like that.

My husband did most of the work, but I helped out here and there. We ended up spending $34 for non-treated lumber and screws. The stain we purchased was the most expensive part, but we used very little for the table and will put most of it on the deck when we refinish it. The whole table was cut with a hand saw in less than an hour and then it was put together and stained over several nights.

It's amazingly strong and is not uncomfortable for an adult, although it is sized for kids. Yesterday I drank my coffee there, in the sunshine, while my daughter colored and my son drove his trucks around us.
We have plans to build a little plant stand with some odds and ends of lumber that we have in the garage. It's very tempting to get some nicer tools and start building other projects as well!

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Jo said...

This table is so great. You know when we moved in our place, I never dreamed we would use our picnic table so much, and now I can't imagine not having it. Although it desperately needs some fixing up.....wondering if it would be more worth our while to do something like this. Great idea!