Monday, October 31, 2011

Handmade handed down

Last week I organized my youngest daughter's dresser.  I pulled out all the 12 month clothes and replaced them with the 18 month hand me downs.  In the bin was the first Baby Surprise Jacket that I knit.  That was my big transition from knowing how to knit to being a person who knit things.  That yarn worked so well with the pattern and now C's been wearing it a few times a week.

I also found space in storage for the clothes my older kids outgrew over the summer.  My son was helping me sort and was very excited to find the doll carrier I had originally made for R.  He doesn't often play with dolls, but occasionally he'll stroll one around or want to have one to play with if that is what the girls are doing.
It's great to see both of these handmade treasures getting a little more use.

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