Friday, May 1, 2009

Sarah Monkey Designs

This weekend is the consignment and boutique sale that I think I mentioned earlier. It is run by a friend of mine and she encouraged me to make a few items to sell. It came down to the wire last night, but I finished the small number of things I hoped I could get done in a month. I'm curious to see if they will sell and if they will sell at the prices that my friend recommended.

I continued to mull over the choices for my "company" name and when it came time to register I planned to take another suggestion from my friend and just add the word Designs after my name, nice and simple. In the end I decided that a little anonymity wouldn't hurt until I decided if I'm going to pursue this any further.

After creating my items, I also had fun coming up with a general design scheme for some product tags. Sarah Monkey Designs looks a lot more put together now that everything is tagged and ready to go!

For this sale I put together a few aprons, fleece eggs, and doll carriers.

Two of the aprons were a smock style like this one I made as a gift for M.G. a couple years ago.
I sewed up one half apron, mostly to try an idea I came across elsewhere - putting a tab of Velcro on the side so that it would be easy for a child to fasten it after an adult helped them tie it the first time. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of that feature, but the Velcro fastener is right where the tie meets the front waistband in this picture.

I came up with the idea for these fleece eggs after being unable to find anything similar for a price I was willing to pay. They are each about 2 inches wide, 2.75 inches long and fit perfectly into a toy frying pan. I package them in Easter egg shells and M.G. plays with them all the time. I've given a few to friends who also find them popular.

Here is the doll carrier that I designed for M.G.'s birthday. I'm going to try to sell 3 of them this weekend. She always wanted her doll in a carrier when I carried her brother on my back and I got tired of tying blankets around her. It has Velcro at the waist and on the chest clip for adjustable sizing and can be worn in front or back. Padded straps and a pocket make it just like Mama's.
Here is a photo of M.G. using the carrier I made for her. She tells me that it is so much easier to help bake when your baby can be near you all the time!

Feel free to comment or email me if you have questions about any of these designs. I'd be happy to share the instructions or make a few more items to sell. I'd be happy to write a tutorial for the carrier or eggs at some point.


Recovering procrastinator said...

I'd love to buy a carrier from you for Grace's birthday in September. She's been using this toy that is supposed to be a doll bouncer-seat as a carrier and it really does not work well. LOL

kristine said...

I absolutely love that carrier. Can you tell me (here or email) what you charge for that? I'd love to make one even and if it's easy enough I would even buy the instructions from you.

Marketing Mama said...

You are so talented!!! I'm in love with those eggs - could you e-mail me with how much it would cost + shipping and handling? :)


Nissa Nicole said...

Congratulations on your first show! I hope things go well and you sell some stuff.

Everything looks wonderful.