Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boutique sale update

I had mixed luck at the consignment and boutique sale last weekend. Most of the used toys and clothes I put into the consignment section sold, which is always nice, and I had fun seeing some of my friends on the first night of the sale, which was set aside for consignors only.

I sold 5 of the sets of eggs and one carrier, although a friend of mine bought the carrier and I totally would have made one at cost for her so I am feeling a little guilty about that. For future sales I'll probably make up some more eggs, but not the larger items.

However, it was a good experience because it proves the point that I can't earn even half the same income making toys as I do at my part time job. If I had kept the prices at what I originally intended perhaps things would have sold, but I would not have the time to open a web shop and continue to produce merchandise at that rate.

But this also means that I can make these things for people when I want to and I don't have to worry about making enough profit on them to be worth my time. I hate trying to put a price on things that I'm making for people I know!

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