Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time waits for no Yeti.

We had a very busy December that ran into January and I feel like we are just getting the new year started now.

I printed and constructed this cute little Yeti this afternoon. ( It makes me smile and takes the place of a very outdated photo on my desk. I'm looking forward to a super quick art project each month.

Many of my goals for 2011 can be grouped under better time management - more exercise, more effort in meal planning, more time to work and blog, more time spent focusing on one task instead of flitting here and there, time to do some organizing and decorating around the house, and so on.

My first baby goal of the year will be to take a hard look at my schedule next week. I'm going to print some blank daily calendars and fill in how I want to spend my time and where it actually goes.

I have lots of handmade gifts to post about in the next week too!

Happy New Year!

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