Friday, February 19, 2010

In the works...

I have several projects in various stages these days.

Here is R's Wallaby - I'm just about ready for the first stripe of the white yarn.

Over the weekend we visited our families in MN and I checked out Crafty Planet in Minneapolis. It's an independent shop with some beautiful fabric and yarn. The fabric designs are unique and I just want to start sewing all sorts of things. The material I bought seems softer and thicker than I would expect. I wonder where it would have been shelved in one of the big box fabric stores. This is intended for a quick little knitting needle storage project.
And I do want to sew my perfect diaper bag before baby #3 arrives. I like messenger bag styles with lots of pockets and I'm thinking about a removable smaller bag for just a diaper, wipes, and J's Epi-pens - for those times I don't want the big bag. So, this is in the pondering stage right now.

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