Monday, November 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas??

In the past, on my other blog, I've talked about the Christmas Countdown website.

The website offers free printable sheets you can use to keep all of your Christmas tasks organized. They also have a timeline so that you can get as much done in advance as possible and then sit back and enjoy the festivities.

I like having all of my to-do lists, gift lists, and project ideas in one spot. Last year and the year before I tweaked the suggested time-line, used what I needed, and added a few other things.

I checked out the website today and found out I'm already a week behind! I don't think I'm going to print out any of the organizational pages this year - with moving this month I think that it will be less stressful to start thinking about all of that after we are in the new house.

I should start thinking about gift ideas however. I'll have to do more driving to shop and will do more internet shopping this year and my son's birthday is Dec. 10th!

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kristine said...

Oh! I forgot about this. I'm so glad you posted it!!