Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been procrastinating a bit in packing for my upcoming move by finishing up little sewing projects I have sitting around. I've also found excuses to create a few new projects as well.

I created these bags in recent weeks. All three were created using guidelines from the SewWhat! Bags book. The thing I really enjoy about this book is that it outlines directions for 18 bags which form a starting point for any number of projects.

The first bag is a small clutch that I will use as a purse, although right now it is working well as a bag for my sewing tools. I made this as a demonstration piece for some friends who had planned to get together for a sewing night.

That fell through, but I had already cut out my fabric for a 2nd bag that I would have made during sewing night. It's bigger - close to 14 inches square I think. I plan for to be a shopping bag or to hold odds and ends when I travel. It's canvas on the outside and polka-dot cotton on the inside.

Finally, I attended a baby shower last night and we were all asked to bring a frozen meal for the mom. I brought muffins and bread and wanted to put a personal spin on the gift. I was able to quickly put together this sling bag. The book mentions that it was originally designed to hold your clothes pins while you are hanging out clothes and it is also featured on the book cover. I had a hard time giving it away. It has a drawstring and 3 pockets in the denim fabric along the bottom. I can see myself making a few more of these down the line!
All of these bags were made from fabrics I had just sitting around. I just purchased the two zippers. They were all one-night projects that were very easy to put together.

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Recovering procrastinator said...

One-night projects for you but probably not for me. lol.

All three are very cute and I love all the fabrics.