Thursday, June 11, 2009

Word templates

I am a list maker and calendar fan. I can spend a long time organizing my thoughts on paper - sometimes too long! If I am overwhelmed by plans or tasks, my first thought is often "I just need the right calendar!"

Both last summer and this summer we have a lot we want to get accomplished and I wanted to be able to see the whole summer at once. I searched around the internet for a free 3-month calendar template, but worried about downloading something from an unknown website. Then I checked out my Microsoft Word program.

When opening a new file, you can select blank or one of many templates. (I'm pretty sure the past few versions of Word have this option...)

I found a great calendar for my needs that I could modify a little as well.
In the past year I've also used the pre-made templates to make business-style cards to give to moms that I want to befriend (I've handed out about 2 of those...) and a few greeting cards.

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Mike Hampton said...

Thanks for the info! This can come in very handy.

I have also been using the free Word Calendars found here:

...since these calendars dont have any Macros they can be trusted.