Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do-a-Dot Paint

The weather warmed up just as I started this side blog! We haven't had the need for much crafting lately because we've been outside so much more.

But, I thought I'd pull over an older post from the other blog since it is still one of our favorite craft items.

Originally mentioned:
Great product for toddler art

Monkey girl now has two sets of the do-a-dot paint markers and has had a few of the do-a-dot books as well. She still enjoys painting with them and I love that I can get her set up and then do the dishes or take care of something else.

The paint books are scaled up so that it is easy to use them with the large tip on the marker.

Here is my all time favorite dot painting. She mixed green and pink to get just the right elephant color! I also love that she used shimmer pink and plain green so that he'd be "shiny, but not too shiny."You can purchase do-a-dot supplies on-line and we have also seen them in a few toy stores.

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