Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainbow dress

I had purchased some dark blue DK yarn when I was pregnant and thought I'd make something for the baby once I knew if we were having a boy or girl.  For months and months I did not get to it, but always had a cute diaper cover/skirt in mind once we she was born.  I also was planning to knit a lacy dress for the baby's first birthday.

Eventually I started looking though patterns, but the skirts just weren't clicking.  I was going to put the blue yarn toward the birthday dress, but its style was not very practical for a toddler on the go.  Eventually, I found this adorable dress pattern and it met all of my criteria!  I didn't want a solid dark blue dress, so I picked out some rainbow yarn and a lighter blue shade as well.

I cast on back in April or May, but life got in the way and I just had a light blue collar for the longest time.  Baby's birthday came and went and so this dress fell farther down my priority list.  It became my car knitting project and it is a good thing we had lots of road trips planned this summer.  I knit all the way to the East Coat and back.  Then I knit to the Grandparents' houses and to Colorado too.

But, now it is finished and looks twirly cute on her.  I followed the pattern for the 1-2T size, except for a few modifications.  I used ribbing at the waist instead of the drawstring.  I shortened the sleeves and used the ruffle edge instead of ribbing there.  I used a simple texture stitch on the front of the top.  (K3,P1 for one row, then 3 rows of stockinette, then a row of K1, *P1, K3*, then 3 more rows of stockinette... repeat...)
 (summer dress on Ravelry)

However, once I got going, the dark blue yarn just didn't fit in....  maybe a little hat for when the weather gets cold?

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