Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I really like July's addition to the Calendar of the Month Club!  I smile each time I look at it. (June's calendar was a blue whale that I put together so poorly that I don't think I even took a photo!) Our June was busy with travels and we're looking forward to finding more adventure to fill the rest of the summer.

I haven't spent much time crafting this summer, but here are the projects that I did finish in the last few months.

Little Blue Birds from Itty-Bitty Toys
I had intended these little birdies as Easter gifts and was just a few weeks late.  They each fold into an egg!  The kids were very excited (the pattern was one that my daughter had pointed out when she looked through the book.)  It is a little difficult to get the birds folded in to the eggs and I wonder how many times they can be folded without damage.  (Ravelry: Blue birds)

I used another Susan B Anderson pattern to make a birdie for the baby.  I think she has such great patterns and this one is free! (Duck-to-bunny pattern) He is quite well loved!  (You can see the bunny side at my Ravelry link: Duck/Bunny)

Mini-totes from sew what! bags
I created these mini-tote bags for gift bags to fill with little treasures.  Both were made from fabric scraps and measure about 10" x 10".  The sew what! book is always inspiring because it outlines the pattern, but leaves a lot of room for creativity.  Every time I make one I think of so many other bag ideas I'd love to try.

These are super soft and squishy slippers.  I modified the pattern to fit a larger size and outlined those changes on my Ravelry page. (Nola slippers)  My brother was severely injured by a drunk driver a few months ago and I spent an anxious weekend knitting these and waiting for updates.  My husband was out of town for work and so I wandered around after the kids with my yarn under my arm and knit like each garter stitch held all of my hopes and prayers for his recovery.  Knitting is nice like that.  (My brother is recovering very well, considering, but has a long road still.)

Right now I'm working on a dress for the baby who is no longer really a baby...

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