Thursday, August 5, 2010

Food finds...

The town where I went to college had a small shop that sold Cornish pasties. It was just far enough from campus, with hours that catered to the state employees, that it was a treat to eat there. The shop had many choices for fillings, all wrapped in a flaky crust, but I always went with the same one - burger and potatoes. The pasties were absolutely huge and the leftovers were a big treat to a busy college student.

In a recent issue of Real Simple magazine I found a recipe for meat and potato pasties! I've already tried them a few times and they are very close to what I remember about pasties in college. They are easier to prepare than they look and very filling. Yum!

Last week my husband offered to make any dessert I wanted for my birthday. I am a big fan of tiramisu, but after trying the decadent version that Buca serves I wanted to be sure we could create something as delicious.

We found a great recipe for tiramisu at Cooking for Engineers. Many recipes we found had raw eggs, which I wanted to avoid, or used substitutes for mascarpone. We wanted to be sure our tiramisu had the rich flavor we expected and were willing to splurge on the ingredients.

The recipe went together fairly quickly and tasted (and looked) amazing. Next time we might experiment with the cake element a little. The lady fingers were in the frozen section at the store and were a little too squishy.

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